The Sisters Grimm

In a town where fairy tale creatures are trapped, they live among the oblivious humans. some even wish to destroy The Grimms, and be free of this spell...
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 Puck AKA the trickster king

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PostSubject: Puck AKA the trickster king   Sun Jan 04, 2009 2:06 pm

Name: Puck
Age: 4 thousand but looks 12
Physical Description: Looks like a 12 year old
Description: (Again, what are they like?) blonde hair? carries a wooden sword
Pets: hmm would you call pixies you can control pets?
Story: (What story are they from?) A midsummers night dream
Rp Example: I could hear people coming into my woods. I called my pixies to me and snet them off to go get the person for me
Any Extra notes: can shapeshift into anything
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Puck AKA the trickster king
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